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Asus Max pro M2 Fucked up! (EMMC Dead Issue -EDI)

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this is the last time I am saying to whoever watching,
"No recovery" method is working, stop saying ur fucking recovery method volume down + power key things, its not working, fucking not working ........ 🤬😡😡🤬
tell something new man, fucking so frustrated.....lockdown time, without phone.................
This is my last Asus product, fucking not gonna purchase any Asus product ever again in my whole life!
Even, I will make sure my family, relatives, neighbourhood peoples dont buy asus products ever again!
go fuck yourself!

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reprogramming emmc and putting back the emmc will have a short lifespan only bro.the emmc wll get dead in 2 ,3 months.

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I think we should start a petition against this. Maybe if we could get maximum support, the company would get to know about it.

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am with that

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Bro it's just a bad rom flashed on emmc
Please see the below two videos clearly .If your phone is in EDl mode
You can flash emmc fileThen flash the firmware .You don't need to remove emmc from motherboard
If any problem mail me at
It will work for sure
You have to do with windows7 32 bit

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