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Asus Max Pro M1 Android 10 beta version bugs on 438 version

Rising Star II
Hello dear developer , I am facing lots of bugs on Android 10 ( 438 version ) like-

1. Wifi disconnected issue in every 20 seconds in every Android 10 beta version like 438,432,429 ,so kindly please fix this issue in next stable version carefully and I am already perform trouble shooting like a device factory reset and network settings reset and safe mode also..

2. second issue is speaker cracked issue during WhatsApp calls and on others social media apps like- Instagram,messanger etc ... so please fix this issue also in next stable version !!

3. screen recording is not working means when we are record screen so audio is not capture or record in videos ,so please fix this issue in next stable version !! and I am also perform trouble shooting which I am mentioned above in first point..

4. and speaker base is ok but not great so please optimise it as Android 9 version, in both headphones and wireless condition !!

5. and optimise display brightness as Android 9 it is not good as Android please optimise it !!

6. six point is that please I am requesting to you and your respective team that provide us stable Android 10 version as soon as possible at the end of this August month !!

Thanku for your patronage !!🙂

Rising Star II
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