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.338 problems

Star I
ZF Model: ZB602KL
Firmware/APP Version: 338
Frequency of Occurrence: 3
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by on 2019/1/2 15:15 Hello! Recently got an update to .338. And it is something that makes me feel disappointed I have my ASUS Max Pro M1. I had a problem with bluetooth volume before (I use FIIO BTR1, JBL E45BT) that can't be raised above 73% (If you try make it louder, you get floating volume where loudest frequenices are falling down, and queitest are raising up. Something like hear protection that works wrong). And now there is another bluetooth problem what poisons my user experience. After update I found my phone turned itself off this morning. I tried to turn it on, but Its touchscreen freezes after 20-30 seconds after loading OS. The one solution that worked - full factory reset via recovery menu. After recovering a backup I figured out that bluetooth audio now works with little hiccups when I try to surf through apps or internet. This is a NEW problem, feels like in 338 bluetooth audio got lower system priority. I can't use my headphones because these hiccups are VERY annoynig. There is no dependence of music player I use. So I also figured out that OS works slower than before. And this is after factory reset! Worstest update ever. What should I do with my phone?

Star I
Mr.PC posted on 2019/1/2 19:10 Just wait for next update which would be rolled on by 20th Jan.
Thank you for a little hope) Is there any pre-release patch notes rolled out?

Star I
Mr.PC posted on 2019/1/2 20:25 Just hope so as users have committed mistake by purchasing the max pro m1 which is very poor in so ...
I have chosen this device because of good balance between hardware specs and price. I never ever suppose that pure Android with such popular chipset can be so glitchy because of bluetooth drivers or something else.

Zen Master I
Hi, For Bluetooth volume, could you tell us whether you have enabled developer options? (Settings > About Phone > tap "Build number" seven times.) In Developer options, there is "Disable absolute volume". Please tell me is this happening with this option on/off? Which app are you using (Youtube, Spotify,...) that has this volume problem? Is the "turned off by itself problem" still happening? Is the Bluetooth volume problem still appearing? Or is there only the problem with little hiccups now? Please tell me which app (and its version) you are using that have this problem. Are you using Bluetooth headsets or speakers? Please tell me the brand and model. Does using any specific app or performing any actions on your phone cause the phone to work slower? Please help me with the above questions, thank you!