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ZenFone 9 randomly restarts

Rising Star I
Hi all,
I bought an Asus ZenFone 9 from the UK online store. I started to migrate the apps from my old phone to the zf9 and once I finished I started to use my new ZenFone 9 as my main phone. However, I noticed around 3 dso that when i wentato unplug a fter charging the phone it looked as if it has been restarted. I thought it was a software update that somehow just did that so I didn't pay attention but then it repeated again and again every day since.

I started paying attention to it and started trying to disable certain features to see if that made a difference: disabled mobile data, left everything on and now I'm on airplane mode with WiFi on.

I upgraded to the latest version that was pushed some days ago hoping that it would magically solve the issue but... it didn't!

I quick Google Search revealed that sadly this issue is not that uncommon, and has already happened in the UK and Germany to other ZenFone 9 owners.

Is this a hardware problem? Is there a fix or a patch other than simply perform a factory reset and keep seeing the same issue? Can please someone from Asus look into this issue?
Plehank youase tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ZenFone 9
Firmware Version: WW_32.2040.2040.23
Rooted or not: no
Frequency of Occurrence: every day
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): not related to an app
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Scenario: use the phone as usual, leave the phone idle a few times a day, at some point, when you try to use the phone after it sat idle for some time you'll notice that it had restarted because you'll be asked to enter your password again and about/ status will show an up time of just a few minutes
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I have enabled logging but I might need to wait a day. would it make sense to enable it after a few hours have passed and it's closer to its next restart?

I'm asking because this is my main phone now so it would be logging everything I do in a day (not sure yet what kind of information is being logged, what does the log contain? How can I review it before it's sent?)

Thank you

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You mentioned that the phone generally restarts when you plug it in for charging, so maybe you can enable the log around that time. Do take screenshots to indicate the occurrence of the issue.
Now, as for the log details, it is generally used for monitoring data to detect any errors, events, and patterns within the system. I guess you can review it since it's not something that we have direct access to unless you share it.

Rising Star I
I wondered whether the file that I'll be sharing is shown to me before I share it. I haven't done it yet (as it's the first time I'm enabling the logging) but from what you mentioned it looks possible(?).

I just read my own post and noticed something weird with my writing (apologies!) . What I tried to say was that I left it charging and when I went back to unplug the phone and start using it I noticed it self-restarted. However, today before I posted the message here the phone just restarted on its own while being idle (it wasn't charging and had 60%+ battery). I haven't fully identified the pattern yet. I just know it happens every day, I'll update this post once it happens again because it will!

Star I
Hi, I have the same problem and waited if HelpingHand will post anything. I tried to generate log file (not during the restart so far). But I think the part of the log below is interesting by itself. It ends with a restart in 04:58:50 in the morning (so it was not me how requested it), but it is marked as "userrequested" restart. I believe that there is some software issue that triggers "pressing restart button" as if user pressed it. Is something like this possible? Maybe it is some part of testing software or sth. Please, help - I love the phone but the restarts are annoying

---------------System Boot----AI2202_ENG---------
[Shutdown] Reset Trigger: 0x0 => [PS_HOLD]; ###### 
###### Reset Type: [HARD_RESET] ######
(3)1970-01-13 03:47:25 :[SP] Can't set MediaFlag from (not exist)
(3)1970-01-13 03:47:25 :[SP] Last boot reason is [warm]
(4)2022-10-03 22:28:29 :[SP] vendor.asus.update.mediaflag=0 from!=2 (non-media device)
(4)2022-10-03 22:28:29 :[SP] Last boot reason is [warm]
(4)2022-10-03 22:28:30 :INIT:Write MefiaFlag=0(4)2022-10-03 22:28:30 :INIT:start ASUS_SP(4)2022-10-03 22:28:30 :[SP] vendor.asus.update.mediaflag=0 from!=2 (non-media device)
(4)2022-10-03 22:28:30 :[SP] Last boot reason is [warm]
(4)2022-10-03 22:28:30 :INIT:Write MefiaFlag=0(4)2022-10-03 22:28:30 :INIT:start ASUS_SP(8)2022-10-03 22:28:34 :[GPS]: loc_eng init(8)2022-10-03 22:28:34 :[GPS]: loc_eng stop(8)2022-10-03 22:28:34 :[GPS]: loc_eng cleanup(8)2022-10-03 22:28:34 :[GPS]: loc_eng init(9)2022-10-03 22:28:34 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 0 [0]
(9)2022-10-03 22:28:34 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 0 [1]
(9)2022-10-03 22:28:34 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 0 [1]
(9)2022-10-03 22:28:34 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 0 [0]
(10)2022-10-03 22:28:35 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 1 [1]
(10)2022-10-03 22:28:35 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 1 [0]
(10)2022-10-03 22:28:36 :[BT] on
(10)2022-10-03 22:28:36 :[UpdateEngine] Boot completed, waiting on markBootSuccessful(10)2022-10-03 22:28:36 :[UpdateEngine] Mark Boot Slot Successful(10)2022-10-03 22:28:36 :[UpdateEngine] Can't find any snapshot to merge.(10)2022-10-03 22:28:36 :[UpdateEngine] Update finished with result: 0(10)2022-10-03 22:28:36 :Booting from:_a
(10)2022-10-03 22:28:36 :ASDF: 1st boot_completed....
(10)2022-10-03 22:28:36 :CSC version: WW_AI2202_32.2040.2040.23
(15)2022-10-03 22:28:40 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 1 [0]
(21)2022-10-03 22:28:46 :[RIL] SIG -73 [0]
(21)2022-10-03 22:28:46 :[RIL] COPS 23003 Vodafone CZ [0]
(21)2022-10-03 22:28:46 :[RIL] CREG 1 14 [0]
(21)2022-10-03 22:28:46 :[RIL] CGREG 1 14 [0]
(21)2022-10-03 22:28:47 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:doze_time_tick
(23)2022-10-03 22:28:54 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*
(25)2022-10-03 22:29:03 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.light
(25)2022-10-03 22:29:23 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.light
(26)2022-10-03 22:29:34 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.motion
(26)2022-10-03 22:30:36 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.motion
(27)2022-10-03 22:30:44 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.motion
(27)2022-10-03 22:32:37 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.deep
(27)2022-10-03 22:36:38 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.deep
(28)2022-10-03 22:39:35 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.light
(30)2022-10-03 22:44:39 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.light
(31)2022-10-03 22:44:44 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:JS idleness
(31)2022-10-03 22:46:45 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:JS idleness
(31)2022-10-03 22:46:45 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:*job.deadline*
(36)2022-10-03 23:00:41 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.light
(36)2022-10-03 23:00:45 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*
(47)2022-10-03 23:00:55 :[GPS]: loc_eng start(47)2022-10-03 23:00:55 :[GPS]: loc_eng on(50)2022-10-03 23:01:00 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.light
(50)2022-10-03 23:01:00 :[GPS]: loc_eng stop(50)2022-10-03 23:01:00 :[GPS]: loc_eng off(51)2022-10-03 23:01:06 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DeviceIdleController.deep
(60)2022-10-03 23:32:43 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:*job.deadline*
(66)2022-10-04 00:01:01 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:com.qualcomm.qti.qdma/.uploader.UploaderReceiver
(104)2022-10-04 00:32:44 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:com.qualcomm.qti.qdma/.uploader.UploaderReceiver
(114)2022-10-04 01:32:45 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:com.qualcomm.qti.qdma/.uploader.UploaderReceiver
(118)2022-10-04 02:01:33 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:com.qualcomm.qti.qdma/.uploader.UploaderReceiver
(153)2022-10-04 02:32:46 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:*job.deadline*
(166)2022-10-04 03:32:47 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:*job.deadline*
(173)2022-10-04 04:19:40 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:*job.deadline*
(175)2022-10-04 04:32:48 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:com.asus.deskclock.ALARM_ALERT
(178)2022-10-04 04:51:50 :[RIL] SIG -100 LTE [0]
(188)2022-10-04 04:51:59 :[RIL] SIG -77 LTE [0]
(188)2022-10-04 04:52:00 :[RIL] SIG -95 [1]
(188)2022-10-04 04:52:00 :[RIL] CGREG 12 14 [1]
(189)2022-10-04 04:52:01 :[RIL] COPS 23001 Plus4U [1]
(189)2022-10-04 04:52:01 :[RIL] CREG 1 14 [1]
(189)2022-10-04 04:52:01 :[RIL] CGREG 1 14 [1]
(197)2022-10-04 04:52:09 :[NFC] On(203)2022-10-04 04:52:15 :[wlan] Wi-Fi enabling
(203)2022-10-04 04:52:15 :[wlan] Wi-Fi enabled
(206)2022-10-04 04:52:18 :[wlan] Start DHCP "Kantano-5GHz"
(206)2022-10-04 04:52:18 :[wlan] Wi-Fi IP:
(216)2022-10-04 04:52:27 :[RIL] SIG -89 LTE [0]
(241)2022-10-04 04:52:52 :[RIL] SIG -106 LTE [1]
(254)2022-10-04 04:53:06 :[RIL] SIG -100 LTE [0]
(286)2022-10-04 04:53:37 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DozeAsusAlwaysOnTouchHandler
(286)2022-10-04 04:53:38 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:DozeAsusAlwaysOnTouchHandler
(291)2022-10-04 04:53:43 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:MinTimer
(292)2022-10-04 04:53:44 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:ScreenOffFirewall.CHECK
(313)2022-10-04 04:54:04 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*
(323)2022-10-04 04:54:38 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:RCS.keep_alive_manager.keep_alive_sender
(329)2022-10-04 04:55:35 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:RCS.keep_alive_manager.keep_alive_sender
(329)2022-10-04 04:55:35 :[Alarm][userspace]:WakeupAppName: *walarm*:action_batch_upload
(429)2022-10-04 04:57:40 :[RIL] SIG -81 LTE [0]
(496)2022-10-04 04:58:48 :[GPS]: loc_eng stop(496)2022-10-04 04:58:48 :[GPS]: loc_eng cleanup(497)2022-10-04 04:58:49 :[RIL] CGREG 2 -1 [1]
(497)2022-10-04 04:58:49 :[RIL] CREG 2 -1 [1]
(497)2022-10-04 04:58:49 :[RIL] CREG 2 -1 [0]
(497)2022-10-04 04:58:49 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 0 [1]
(497)2022-10-04 04:58:49 :[RIL] CGREG 2 -1 [0]
(497)2022-10-04 04:58:49 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 0 [0]
(498)2022-10-04 04:58:50 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 2 [1]
(498)2022-10-04 04:58:50 :[RIL] RADIO_POWER 2 [0]
(498)2022-10-04 04:58:50 :[REBOOT] stop service without tombstoned & logd & adbd --
(498)2022-10-04 04:58:50 :[REBOOT] stop surfaceFlinger 
(498)2022-10-04 04:58:50 :--------------- Power off : restart2 : userrequested ---------------

Star I
I experience the same issues. Not related to charging but my phone restarts 4-5 times a day w/o any interaction. Normally I notice it when I have to re-authenticate with PIN after reboot. Not related to charging as far as I can notice. Will log and post.

Star II
I think this might be actually related to the fingerprint sensor, I have disabled it (and restarted my phone) and now it seem to have stopped rebooting. Hope someone will also make this as a test case, will update.
Nope..not it