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switching between apps by double tapping recents key almost never works

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usually, double tapping recents key should switch to next/adjacent app in the task manager in any phone, but not in Zenfone 9. Often double tapping won't switch to next app, rather will switch out and back to same app, sometimes will go to homescreen. Sometimes, if recent key is double tapped multiple times quickly, the key freezes and home key needs to be tapped to unfreeze it.
Double tapping recents to switch between apps is slow in Android 12 onwards, which google's fault, but at least in other phones it works, be it slowly. But in Zenfone 9, it doesn't even work vast majority of the time.
It doesn't seem to occur if Animator duration scale" is set to 0 or off, but who would use a phone like that? In the end it's a bug which Asus needs to fix quickly.


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This problem hasn't been solved in Android 13, in fact it's worsened. It's most noticeable when using switching between browser and another app. Can this be solved as soon as possible because it's really annoying

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Why isn't it reported to the relevant team yet? I've tried different launchers just to get around this problem but no avail. In fact when using other launchers, the recents button stops working fully if tried to double tap recents to switch between apps few times, unlike default launcher where it at least can be reactivated by pressing home button. So we're not prevented from using 3rd party launchers.
It seems the recents menu crashes at one point when double tapping to switch between apps and pressing home will restart it if only using default launcher.

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I agree.... I think the slow animation and reaction speed is the cause here
I sint want to switch to gesture navigation!

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