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Screen on Time Missing - Work Around?

Rising Star I

According to @Mansi_ASUS on the ZF10 forums reply last week:

Hey @Bulletdracer,
To provide more accurate information about the battery usage of each application, the recent update (33.0220.0220.89) has included screen usage time information in the battery consumption of each application, and it is no longer calculated separately.)

I've never been able to find that information in the app usage but that's a moot point).  It seems the ROG phones also so this issue (from their forums).    My screen time is going to "others" and it is usually 40-60% of battery usage now.  If Asus did make this decision, it was a horrible one (no other android phone on the market hides screen usage).    I'd try to go back to the older version but it was out of Android's recommended security window.   Anyone know of any apps or other workarounds here?


1. Model Name: Asus_AI2202

2. Firmware: WW_33.0804.2060.189

3. Not Rooted

4. Constantly

5. System settings


Silly, it seems to be they did it across the platform.  I think they meant to show the % within the app but it didn't work. Oneui 6 did this with A14. Seems so far only the pixel A14 kept both, app and total usage visible.