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Pocket mode and unlocked screen

Star II

I'm starting another thread simply because this issue had been raised by many and is still unresolved and I think Asus needs to seriously look into this.  The issue is pocket mode not activated if the screen is unlocked.

This really defeats the purpose of the pocket mode because when the screen is locked,it is almost impossible to pocket dial or access the phone. It is usually when the phone is accidentally unlocked when placed in the pocket when all the unintended activities happen. I have had my phone message my friends to uninstalled apps on my home screen.

This appears to be a problem shared by many judging from the other threads,even on other Asus models. To me this looks like a simple solution: Just activate the **bleep** pocket mode when the phone is in my pocket! Regardless if it is locked or unlocked.

This has caused me so much frustration that unless Asus comes up with a fix, I will not be purchasing another Asus phone again. It's a shame cuz everything else about the phone is pretty spot on. 


Rising Star I

I also had a problem with that, but it was solved by an update a long time ago, so at least I don't have a problem with it in the current firmware version.

Weird as I keep my phone updated regularly. Thanks for the information.

Star II

I also get this behavior with latest firmware. Phone starts to send messages in my pocket, despite pocket mode being enabled. I did not encounter such behavior so often with other phones.  It happens after I unlock phone. And I pretty sure I lock it with power button. Hard to reproduce.