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No phone service or wifi calling.

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As I mentioned before and no one cared to responded to. I was sold the global version even though the seller said it was the US version. I use T-Mobile. After update 32.2040.2040.23 my phone does not have any cell service and wifi calling doesn't work. Is there anything that can be done. When my phone was running on 32.2030.2030.26 it was working great, I had phone service and wifi calling. Whatever mobile data and wifi calling settings were changed for the update, made it impossible to use the global version in the US. I have contacted the seller about returning my phone but they aren't responding. I purchased the phone using Asus website which linked to Amazon. Why wouldn't Asus sell the phone directly from their website ? why would they sell it through a third party website allowing for people to get scammed ? And now no one is helping out with this and customer service is absolutely clueless and unwilling to do anything.

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@cilsoe it was available on my phone in the system update as of 10-5

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