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Is the Zenfone 9 safe to use without security updates?

Rising Star I

So my phone hasn't received a security update since June? I'm staring at the middle of October and I've read about some pretty serious zero day updates in the last couple of Android security releases.  Legit question, is this phone safe to use currently? I've always had Samsung or Pixels so this lack of regular updates is concerning. I think I read the ZF10 is ahead of us in updates which I don't get, the phones aren't that dissimilar?! Anyway, safe to use or risky? 


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the 1 year old "flagship" phone is not secure anymore. good job on the updates, asus!

Star III

As by magic, security update received this morning, 455MB update.  Not sure of version yet. 

well i know whatever it is, they haven't seen fit to upload it for anyone not using OTAs...