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Experience from people not using a case or screen protector on the Zenfone 9

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Hey everyone,

I just received the Zenfone 9 and would like to avoid using a case or screen protector, to keep the phone compact. Can people using the phone without these gears give their feedback? How is the general wear after a few months? Is there a risk to scratch the camera lenses? Is the main screen resistant? How about the touch key?



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Wihout case the back wears off quickly - so without case/skin your phone after month or faster don't be look nice ;d I recommend to get some procective stuff. Personaly I use 'hybrid glass by 3mk' on screen and it's almost invisible also camera hybrid glass for cameras. Camera and Screen get micro-scratches after some time because of the sand particles are everywhere 😉

I working in GSM service and without case - one phone fall and you buy new one 😉

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Im using almost month with orig case but without any protection for screen or cameras. All is ok. 

Before  was the asus zb570tl and by the 6.5 years it has just few scratches 

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For the rear I have a carbon vinyl. The adhesion is very good and it looks very nice.
For the screen I use the protector from Asus. Super slim.
For the cameras I do not use a protector and no problem.

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Without a case or screen protector, people who use the Zenfone 9 may feel a sense of freedom with the slim profile and light weight of the phone. However, there are risks associated with using the device without protection. The glass surfaces on the Zenfone 9 are sensitive to scratches and cracks and can easily be damaged if the phone is dropped or mishandled. Additionally, the phone's beautiful design is prone to smudges and dirt, which can be difficult to remove without a protective case. Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide whether or not to use a case or screen protector on their Zenfone 9, but it is important to understand the risks that come with using the device without protection.

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