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Camera quality after a year of updates?

Star I

Hi all, I'm contemplating about buying the Zenfone 9 coming from pixel 4a and whenever I read people are complaining about the camera quality. Is this something that's now better since I suppose the phone got some software updates? Picture quality is quite important for me and the reviews on the internet is actually what's stopping me to make the leap and order one.


Rising Star II

Camera is quite decent, but not pixel level. It oversharpens, and this problem has not been solved. It's certainly not a poor camera, though. 

Star I

My number 1 rule is to be cautios of using HDR for photos. Mostly turning it off. Non hdr photos usually look ok until you view them on the bigger screen or zoom them. I never had any pixel but I'd bet zenfone 9 still won't be any upgrade especially when it comes to reliability of the camera. I'm dying inside writing this as I was extremely hyped for this phone and camera was a big marketing factor for me back in the day.