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Blurry photos on Zenfone 9

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Some time during the last couple of weeks the camera has stopped focusing. After doing a quick Google search, i see that this is a common problem. I bought this phone because the camera was supposed to be good. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Is it possible to fix it? I absolutely hate using time on solving issues like this, when the issue should not be there in the first place. I have had this phone for a couple of months. Is this a part of the phone guarantee?  


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This is still an issue today, any news on this ?

I'm on 2040.23 android 12, and no update available.

Asus PC parts are excellent quality, but I'll never buy one of their smartphones  again

This seems like a HW issue. I'd recommend you contact your closest Asus customer service center and get your device examined.