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[ZenUI Launcher] Incorrect icons for application shortcuts

Rising Star I
Some applications provide shortcuts (long-press on the app-icon). These icons sometimes do not have the right icon. It's gray or it's the default Android icon.
Can this be fixed? I don't want to use another 3rd party launcher.

Community Legend II
When you say some applications - do hyou specifically mean Firefox?

What happens when you place "Open new tab" or "open new incognito tab" from the firefox longpress-icon-menu and place that on the homescreen?

For me it looks like this (I couldnt get bookmarks or websites to show up in that list);
Firefox version: 89.1.1

Rising Star I
This happens with two apps:
screenshot 1 is Stocard (app that holds member cards)
screenshot 2 is ING Bankieren (banking app in The Netherlands)
It happens after a while. So, at first it looks okay, but after a day or so it messes up

Community Legend II
Both apps look fine here for now.
Stocard shows the icon correctly for a card placed on the desktop when I tried.
I will leave them for a while and see if I can reproduce this. Thanks!

If you use another launcher - does the problem go away permanently?

Rising Star I
Using Nova Launcher for a while. The app "StoCard" has no issues anymore. Icon is fine. We could address that one to Asus Launcher.
The banking app (ING Bank, The Netherlands) is still faulty in Nova, so that could be addressed to the app.
Sidenote is that I like Nova Launcher so much, that I will keep on using it 😃