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Zenfone 8 - satisfied?

Star I
Dear ones, do we have users here at all who are really satisfied with the choice of Zenfone 8?
Those who may experience some minor inconvenience in everyday use, but otherwise everything is fine? I realize that on forums we usually raise problems and what frustrates us, but maybe they will report to you really satisfied? Or maybe everyone will sooner or later get the death of this model?
I am addressing my question mainly to users with longer experience.

Rising Star I
What a great thread. I am very glad that PlumbCarton5607 has suggested it. Amidst all the "Shittiest Phone Ever" for all of which I have the greatest sympathy - because, for me:
My 3rd or 4th Android after years with the BlackBerry magical OS10 and their beautifuld devices - and such a great phone. Configurable to an extent that previous Android phones were not, great spec, great design, great build quality, great finish.
It is larger than any phone I have had in the past and would prefer it if smaller; but I can see that in this class it is considered "small" and any smaller would have compromised the extraordinary packaging (engineering density) and battery longevity. (I flirted with a Nokia that at just one size up is hideously large, it's like carrying a suitcase around.)
Not wild about the 24:10 aspect ratio (VERY long and thin!) but getting used to it and the dpi surpasses any predecessor.
I bought a RhinoShield bumper case that is a bit better than the supplied case, but even that was amazingly good for the protection provided and for the fit. Usually I consider all cases seriously intrusive (and would never emply the booklet design) but the phone is just too smooth to the touch to risk falling / dropping.
No Google ID. I use Aptoide for app installation / update. Absolutely perfect up until yesterday and now it's dropping out in the middle of its operations but I think if I wait a whjile it might right itself - fingers crossed. My next bet would be UpToDown.
Call quality and coverage (EE in Scotland) is excellent. I won't pretend I begin to understand the intricacies of 3/4/5G / VoLTE / WiFi Calling, but all associated banner icons swap painlessly in and out as location alters. I haven't missed a call or had one drop out. (My previous service provider couldn't reliably provide or even explain WiFi Calling, and giggled brainlessly at the phone because they had never heard of it,)
Very much welcome the Battery Care management. In fact - generally extensive playtime facilities under Settings; though the pathways are not particulary obvious, intuitive or memorable,
I use a work email address and my employer has taken some control of the device (a) by insisting on PIN protection (which I might have introduced anyway but dislike being ordered about); and (b) restricting screen idle time to 10 minutes - that really is annoying.
Can't think of too much else but there we go. I don't care at all about fancy camera settings or outputs, and not too much about sound (music) and vision (videos) but all seem more than satisfactory.
Thnaks again for suggesting this thread. A nice counter-balance to all the doom and gloom. Though: that said: my sympathies again and it is quite shocking that some users are having such a bad time with what is, all things considerted, still a pretty expensive high-end purchase.

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Sorry!! I see it was martka_010 who started this. Good one.

Star II
Veloce ma qualche, più d'una, delusione. Zenfone 5, col quale scrivo perché l'8 di è spento Dio colpi colpi, seppur lento è molto più preciso: lettore d'impronta, riconoscimento facciale....non sbaglia una colpo.
L'8, a differenza del 5, non lo ricomprerei.

Rising Star II
I love my Zenfone. Only downside is update availability. But all the other stuff is great. I even get 7 to 8 h of SOT.

Rising Star I
I'm really satisfied with this phone (in use since June 2021, not rooted). No issues so far, great perfomance, great speaker sound, love the notification LED (really bad it's gone with zf9...). What I miss: only usb 2.0, so no video output to external monitor (really bad zf9 does not support this either...). Camera app could do better, same for the battery. @Blumi: what's your secret?