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Thoughts on Zenfone 8?

Star I

Given the growing pains of the Pixel 6, I am considering selling it if the January update doesn’t fix the most annoying things. I have been looking for alternatives and landed on Zenfone 8. It sounds like a good phone on paper except the not so great camera and the battery. This surprises me because a phone like this should have received more attention, yet I barely heard of it — and I usually keep up with what is going on in the phone world.


Star III

It's a wonderful phone. I don't see any problems with the camera or the battery. Yes, I am surprised this phone hasn't received more attention, but I guess people are scared and want to "play it safe" with the more well-known phone brands. If you ask me, I love it and think it's one of the best phones of this size at the moment.

Star II

It'd be best to go with the ZenFone 9 as it has much better battery life and will have another major update since it's newer. The cameras are apparently still pretty much the same. 

Zen Master III

I would keep looking. You only get two years of updates with Asus so the Z 8 is almost eol 

Rising Star I

Asus Zenfone 8 ma sporo problemów, 9 jest nowsza i dopracowana...