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cannot import customised notification sound


A month ago I bought an ASUS Zenfone 8.

It has worked flawlessly so far.

I have now run into a problem: I cannot choose my own notification sound.

22-01-2023 16-40-23.png

When I press the big "+" 

22-01-2023 16-40-59.png

and select the mp3 file I want to import/use [1]
and then press "VÆLG"/SELECT [2]
the phone returns to the audio selection screen, but my selected/imported mp3 file cannot be found.

I had no problem importing my own ringtone.
It went without any problems.

What do I do wrong?

Data about my phone:
Model: ASUS Zenfone 8
android 12
Build: SKQ1.210821.001.31.1010.0411.160