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Bottom speaker crackle with bass and WAY louder than top ?

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Hello, is it normal that the stereo speakers of my Zenfone 8 are really unbalanced ? The top speaker is really quite and kill the stereo effect. When i put the movie preset, all the "surround" effect is earable from the bottom speaker  but nothing from the top, is it normal ? I also notice there is not a lot of bass and when the volume is at more than 50% the nottom speaker make a weird crackle noise when there is a thump (bass). I try to downgrase from Android 13 to 12 but same problem. Also sometimes the sound is really fluctuant. Any Idea ?


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Both speakers have different frequency ranges and it's normal to sound different.

For how long are you using the phone? If the top speaker sound was lounder before, maybe it accumulated dust.
I keep my phone in the pocket and once the top speaker starts to sound quieter, I clean it (ones or twice per year). I'm doing it with a soft toothbrush. It solves the issue.

Hello, thanks for your reply. Its a second hand phone, buy it 2 weeks ago. I already try to clean it with toolbrush but no improvement. Do your phone got fluctuant sound too ? And the crackling bottom with bass ? For that part (crackling) its since 2 days, only thing i did is update the phone this week


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In my case there are no anomalies. The bottom speaker is louder with richer sound. But the top speaker contributes to the sound and overall the phone sounds good.

Yeah i think mine is faulty, it doesent sound like it supposed to be. Bottom speaker sound like every bass crackle and the earpice make 0 bass, so when i listen in landscape, Every "boom" are on the  right and doesent sound balanced with the earpice unfortunately. I m not sure if its hardware because at softer volume the bass is normal without problèm and change drastically at one volume step. Thanks anyway for your Time !