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31.1010.0410.43 version crash and random restart with jack 3.5mm headset call or messaging

Star III
I just did manual update my Zenfone 8 to A12 WW-31.1010.0410.43 version yesterday.
After the update, today I was notice, the phone keep randomly freeze and restart, only if I was using headphone jack 3.5mm to make a call, or chatting via Line or Whatsapp. Everytime the phone in standby lock screen mode, then when it comes chat notifications, or phone call then all of the sudden, it restart by itself.
This never happened with A12 WW-31.1004.0404.107 version.
Please Asus support, fix this quick, because it's really annoying especially for a person who likes using wired 3.5mm jack headset like me


Star I
I have the same problem. I see a lot of posts about this, but no solution. I like the phone but this defect is not acceptable.

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