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Zenfone 8 Flip Camera Module replacement

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Hey folks, 

Short Story:

Anyone know where I can source a Zenfone 8 Flip Camera module, the main camera on my flip is busted, a lot of the local phone repair shop here don't have supply for it. I saw one online from Cellrepair, but its OEM, not sure if it'll perform as good. (Anyone has experience with that site, feel free to share).

Long Story: 
Had my flip for about 1 and a half year now, had replaced the motherboard before while it was under warranty, now that its off warranty, I'll need to fork out money for repairs, which I'm ok with. Took it to the licensed service center, first off, NO ONE could tell me the cost of a camera replacement, and I have to pay an upfront RM50 (I'm in Malaysia) just to get it looked at?? I had to push the front office rep until they finally caved in, and look up the estimated price for a camera replacement. It sounded reasonable, so I was willing to pay the upfront fee. Couple days later, at 3AM, on a sunday, I received a bill from the service centre for two thirds the original price of the phone, with NO explanation as to the problem. I had to call in to ask what whats wrong with the phone, and why is it so expensive to fix the camera. I was told the issue was with the motherboard, not the camera. Fine. Took it to a reliable third party shop to get a second opinion. This shop has a good track record, after assessing the phone, the conclusion was the camera module after all, and not the motherboard, unfortunately, the guy couldnt fix it since he could get the part. Mother board parts are easily available, and if it was, the third party shop would have been able to fix it. wtf Asus. 

I love the products, but the service, at least here in Malaysia is absolute trash, and a scam.  My old phone was Zenfone 5z, which i love, but moving forward after my experience with Zenfone 8 Flip, its unlikely I'll buy Zenfones again. 


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