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Phone dead after a week of usage.

Star II
I have used the phone for less than a week. Two correct charge cycles. Nothing has happened to it. Now it stopped detecting charger present. I tried rebooting the phone and now it wont turn on. (The battery level was 15% earlier). Tried holding different combinations of hw buttons for up to 30 seconds. Screen black, no notification LED activity at all. So I guess my problem with no multi-user support just solved itself.
I will leave it under charger for a day or so and see what happens. Otherwise I guess returning it... 😕

Star II
After a couple hours of "charging" without any indication, power button still didnt do anything, reconnecting charger also. However holding power + volume down worked, it blinked a couple times with logo for split second like its crashing and then shown 100% charged and booted. Also after booting it showed that update was installed. I hope this is not something that happens often, maybe battery is faulty..

Rising Star II
Mate I've had a ZenFone 6 bricked after an update. And I'm not the only one either. But yeah hopefully this doesn't occur with the 7 as much.