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Zenfone 7 pro home button and switch app button lag

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name: Zenfone 7proFirmware Version: kernel version ww_30.41.69.125Rooted or not: not Frequency of Occurrence: once in a while APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app)...

Zenfone 7 Hardbrick

Anyone know how to solve hardbrick?The cell phone doesn't turn on anymore (happened after the cell phone system freezes)It does not turn on the screen, nor the battery charging led. (happened to connect at the beginning of the problem, when I tried t...

Why does the, Asus launcher, use so much battery all of a sudden

I have recently put a 5 g Sim card in to my zen 7 and we have had an update recently. As both were about the same time I can't be sure of the reason my battery sucks lately.Has anyone noticed an increase in battery life since the last update??And can...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Security updates

Why haven't the security updates been sent yet, knowing that it's been months since the last security update!!!

I'm s

I'm sßssssssßsssssd

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Camera cannot flip

Hello everyoneI have the "Camera cannot flip" problem on my Zenfone 7 fimrware M3.35.19.19 Tequila 001522 Camera motor version 21020901Tried removing the case, cleaning the sensors and still the camera won't move even when I calibrate the flip motor...

screenshot-20211111-093852907.jpg screenshot-20211110-164752758.jpg screenshot-20211111-094354981.jpg
analema by Star II
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Resolved! Zenfone 9 & android 12

Will the ZenFone 9 come with android 12 or 11 ? When can we expect the ZenFone 9?

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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One more bug in camera

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name: Zenfone 7 proFirmware Version: WW_30.41.69.125Rooted or not: not rootedFrequency of Occurrence: each time under certain conditions - portrait mode & moving objectAPP Name & APP ...

topolov by Rising Star II
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