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Android 13 and 14 for Asus ZenFone 7 Pro

Star II

I, as an Asus customer and owner of ZenFone 7 Pro devices, want the company to increase the support period for their mobile devices and extend it to 48 or 60 months so that you can upgrade to Android 13 and Android 14, since the resources of this phone allow you to do this. Vote, write, who wants it???


Star II

Just do not write any nonsense that they are small, poor, unfortunate, they cannot do this. What support is 18 months. They can, all the big companies Apple, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Samsung have done. And all this companies working

Star III

Omnirom from XDA works on Android 13. Why don't start from flashing it by yourself?

I'm worried about security. Therefore, only the original support of the original manufacturer. Otherwise, why pay so much money for such an expensive smartphone???

Star I

I want  this phone for update and Android 14!