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Adapter usb-C to 3,5mm

Hello everyone,

I wonder if there's an incompatibility between usb-C to 3,5mm adapters and ZenFone 7?
I tried to connect two different ones and neither were recognized by the phone.

Happy holidays!

Rising Star I
Why do phone numbers appear upside down when switching the phone's language to Arabic?

Rising Star II
Yeah I've tried 2 cheap ones too and they both don't work. Trying a third one but I reckon it won't work either. The Apple one will probably work though. It's annoying that they didn't supply one with the phone tbh.

Rising Star II
I have one from iNassen and it is working just fine. Unfortunately I cannot post a link here

Star II
You have to buy an adapter with integrated DAC to convert digital to analog audio. Cheap ones usually do not have the DAC chipset