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Welcome to the new ZenTalk for ZenFone 6!

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Hey all ASUS Fans!
With the upcoming launch of our ZenFone 6 that truly Defies Ordinary, we are also launching the new ZenTalk (currently we are phasing in the ZenFone 6 category and later on we will also migrate ZenFone 5). 
Keep checking this section for the latest on ZenFone 6!

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@CH_ASUS... I was unable to login with my Account @Tarundalai1999 please help me... I swear i never post the inappropriate words... But on that time my device was got some problems... But Our Country's Service representative was establishing some other problems which are worthless... And from that problem i was very anger and posted some Slang words... Please Admin please give an another chance and forgive me i never repeat this behaviour again...
Please allow the permission and please remove the ban from this account "@Tarundalai1999"

Tarun Dalai
@Anders_ASUS, @victoramaya21@Victor0_ASUS,

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worst phone in my life 😑

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worst phone in my life 😑

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If you are saying this Asus 6Z is a worst phone please let us know what made you feel like this.

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I really would like to suggest Asus to allow the My Asus software for windows work with other computers as long as you have a Zenfone or other product from the brand. Is pointless to have all this functions when I can't use just because besides my phone I should also have a Asus computer.🤷🏽‍:male_sign: This doesn't bring any extra value for the costumer/users.. 10 points less for the Asus Management team.

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Just shifted to from Samsung to Asus Zenfone 6 as my new smartphone.. So, I'm here to get some knowledge.. I'm really happy to be here.. This is my first Asus smartphone experience. Though I've used Asus PC, I haven't used Asus smartphones. I have positive experience with Asus PC and Laptops. I hope Asus smartphone will be doing the same..