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We will get support or not.

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Hi There,
I'm just write this discussion behind for all Zenfone 6 users.
I'm using Zenfone 6Z mobile in last 3 years. I'm following for security updates in last few months. But I'm not getting no response from the ASUS team.
Due to the no security update, officially facing lot of issues.
I'm requesting you again, atleast provide security updates per year with respect to new rules.

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Hi Kesavan,
ASUS 6Z was launched in India on Aug 2019. The last update was on Aug 2021. There will be 2 years of update for 6Z, any critical security updates which is very critical will be rolled out.
You can share what issues you are facing because of the security updates.

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Hi @ARP_ASUS, please see the below attached screenshot for your referens. It means the security updates are expired or still valid. Please provide necessary solution.

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@ARP_ASUS Are you there..? I didn't see any further message from you.

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