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Slow charging at just 5W with 10W chargers.

Rising Star I
I have been noticing this issue since I brought 6Z.
The problem is, when I connect my 6Z with a regular 10W (5V-2A) charger, the phone will only charge at 5W (5V ≈ 0.9-1A) max. Not matter if it's either switched off or on. I have tried several different combinations of chargers and cables, but I only get a max of 5W. Charging at this speed is real slow. It takes an average of 6 hours to charge the phone from dead to 100%.
Below is the screenshot from the Ampere app with a 10W charger.


However, when I use any other power source with a higher amp like a 5V-2.4A Asus powerbank, the phone would charge at roughly 10W (5V ≈ 1.9A). I have confirmed with my testings that the phone would only trigger into 10W charging if it's plugged into a 2.4A power source. When I charge my phone using this, it charges quickly from dead to 100% in 4 hours.
Below is the screenshot from the Ampere app with a 5V-2.4A Asus powerbank.

See that + sign near the battery icon, it only appears when I use a 2.4A charger. We get ++ sign when we use a18W charger.

I know that we can quick charge 6Z with a 18W charger in 2 hours but, I like to use slow yet snappy 10W charging along with battery care method to prolong my battery life endurance.
I just want Asus to kindly enable a true 10W charging, so that we can easily charge our devices with the already available 10W chargers laying around us.

Also, when I use a Gionee 18W charger, the phone should technically charge at 18W but, it only charges at 5W max.

However, when I use the inbox Asus adapter, the phone charges at normal 18W with the same and different cables I use to test out. The same also happened to me with a different (I don't remember the brand but I know it wasn't a cheap one) 18W charger too. The phone would like to charge at a maximum of 5W. I do like to clarify that I have tried some other 18W chargers, and they all work flawlessly. It seems that only about 10-20% of 18W chargers don't work. What is happening here with the 6Z? Why do 6Z love to charge at 5W? Can someone please explain?
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Rising Star I

This is most probably not a bug. Rather a question about if there was a proper handshake between the charger and phone. What I'm saying in plain English is that they are not compatible. This is why your phone defaults to only 5W. It's a security thing. If the charger is a cheap Chinese charger that doesn't support the right charging protocol, this is what happens to prevent any accident from happening.

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Ok. But the chargers I use aren't cheap. They all are from reputed brands. They all are the OEM chargers that came with the phones I brought like Oneplus, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, Gionee, Oppo and Vivo. Still not a single one is able to charge the 6Z at 10W. However, the same ones are able to charge other smartphones with similar battery specifications and capacity at 10W. . This is so frustrating.

Zen Master I
I've noted the same thing with Samsung and Apple chargers. 2A is significantly slower than 2.4A. I also like the middle speed of charging that isn't really slow but isn't really fast (and hot). I have bought 2.4A chargers so it doesn't bother me, but it would be nice to be able to trust the 2A chargers I have to be a bit faster.