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Phone won't turn on or even show any sign of life

Star III
Model Name: Zenfone 6
Firmware Version: WW-18.0610.2101.132
Rooted or not: No, fully stock.
Frequency of Occurrence: Always, since this morning
Yesterday (21/02/2021) at 23:00, I let the battery fall below 1% (as I try to do every month, the other 29 days I leave the battery between 10% and 90%), soon, I plugged it. This morning (02/22/2021) I turned the phone on, and everything was normal, after that, I wanted to go back to sleep and turned the phone off again, after one minute of pressing the "Power" button, to my surprise, the Asus logo is appearing on the phone, I wait 5 minutes and the logo is still there, I press and hold the power button, the screen goes off, the phone restarts, but it is still stuck on the Asus logo. After two more attempts I decide to press and hold "Power" + "Volume +", I manage to enter fastboot mode and select the "start" option. After that the phone continued in the same state it is now. 
My Zenfone 6 does not respond to any buttons, no vibration or any indication of life, I have tried pressing and holding "Power", "Power + Volume +" and "Power + Volume -", no response. When I plug it in with the official Asus charger or a motorola charger the power led doesn't light up. My computer couldn't recognize the phone after I connected with an USB.
I have always used the official charger and am extremely careful with device. I would like to know what are my options to solve this problem, since the warranty expired only 2 months ago. I would also like to demonstrate my disappointment with Asus, never had to do RMA with any previous smartphone of mine, and I thought by already having two Asus notebooks, that the brand would bring me a reliable product, but I already had to send the device for assistance due to a problem in the sound a few months ago and now after only 1 year and 2 months since purchase my Zenfone 6 is totally inoperable, an absurd for a product that, by price, market position and specifications should last at least 3 years.

Star I
struggling with this issue as well, it seems that updating to android 11 triggers the malfunction to my device as it won’t but up and requires me to plug it to show that its boot looping.

Rising Star II
I have same issue after 3 months out of warranty. I guess it is common problem of this phone because I saw many of people reported. The service center people told me chip in the mainboard was burnt. Unreliable hardware design.