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Phone is crashing after the new Indian Frimware

Star III
After updating with new Indian frimware.191... My phone is crashing occasionally and it happens when playing Pubg one time and one time when I was using just what's app total 3,4 times... I don't think its a motherboard problem.. Please patch or fix this issue as soon as possible

Community Legend II
Hi, by crashing do you mean the app crashes? Or the entire phone hangs and you need to longpress the power button to restart it?

Rising Star II
Could you provide a little more details. Foe example:-
1) When you were playing PUBG and your phone crashed, did the phone continue make a beep-like sound after crashing
2) Did your phone fail to reboot on the first try whenever it crashed and you had to see the "Powered by Android" screen more than once?
3) Did you monitor the thermals of the device when it crashed?

As much a the little information provided indicates, you seem to be another one of the unfortunate users who got a faulty device (Myself included) and the best (and possibly only) option would be to file for replacement (if you're still in the window) or go to your nearest service center and ask for a motherboard replacement.

Star II
they are trying to cover up software issue with motherboard issue. Everyone i know who owns this has been facing this issue after the upgrade and also they block the threads created on this forum where you no longer will be able comment 

Star III
I'm not affiliated with ASUS, but I think that mods are really trying to help here. Which threads have been blocked?