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Ignoring customers requests, Asus is making a huge mistake

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As a flagship realese , Asus 6z/zenphone 6 has top end hardware but Asus support for software has been equally bad. Be it fixing UI bugs, complaints after every update or adding feature like WiFi calling.
A couple of days back, my family phone , Redmi 5pro, A very ordinary budget phone, received update and got the wifi calling support. Fully stable and supporting both major carrier Jio and Airtel at my place
While our flagship has hardware, a trick to dial a code ( *#*#3642623344#*#*) enable Wifi Calling. Which hit or miss most of the time.
But there is no official update or timeline. Don't go into excuse that this is so hard to get it done.This lowers the confidence in brand. Users are request ing this sine months.
How can Asus expect customer to refer friend and family to get Asus phone or me to buy next Asus phone?
Is there any Asus insider here?
@Titan_ASUS @laura50123
@Anders_ASUS , Requesting you guys to please forward this message to management.


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I think this forum's existance is a testament that we aren't blanket-ignoring "users requests".
We have many users, from many countries.
Over the course of almost a year, you can see our moderators diligently providing help, feedback and service in these forums.

Not every thread or every user gets a personal reply but it doesnt mean we ignore everyone. We have addressed many, many, issues through this forum - bug fixes and so on.

You are fully entitled to your opinion that VoWIFI for India is something of great importance - we have responded several times with the answers we have, we are trying but it is not "flick a switch" thing.
As a side note, Redmi/Xiaomi is dozens of times larger than us in India, resources and priorities from the telcos will of course be different - but it does not mean we are not trying, or that we are not improving.

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I agree with the user, I have tried to get support bc my phone, like many other people I've seen on many other forums, consistently doesn't make or receive calls, especially on the T-Mobile network. On the chat support I have been disconnect with twice after I ask how a about WiFi calling and they simply just push a factory reset, and when I ask how it will help they don't give me a straight answer, just that it will tell if the problem is hardest or software. Just add volte, seriously, this new to be an option for many many cities in the US, not just other countries

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After experienced several updates, I have to agree that the features are frozen as soon as the phone is released. Asus will update Android version twice but that is all you will get. There has been 5-6 updates already but none of them has new feature added even a simple one e.g. picture for contact in the dialer, auto home timezone. I purchased this phone because of the below 5 unique features:
1. DualSim with separate sd card slot.
2. FM radio.
3. Auto panorama
4. 3.5mm audio jack.
5. Custom ROM support.
Unfortunately they all except#4 don't work well. Call doesn't work well, I have to toggle speaker phone during the call to unmute myself; FM radio sound quality is bad, Auto panorama picture quality is bad, unlock bootloader stop working and will lose warranty.
Asus really need do something to improve the above.

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Thank you @CH_ASUS for replying.
First, I love the phone and I got it for given feature as listed down by @newnews , everything good for me . Moreover, there has been lots of praise and people are collaborating in Telegram channel.
My intention is to let ASUS know the customer priorities and don't let users turn away due to some very small feature, which hardware already support.
look at this thread on same post:
Also thanks for pointing out that ASUS is somehow not able to collaborate with telecom companies. This is complete fine. I also missed mods post about VoFI.