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I demand *clear* answers to the bootloader unlock tool and the 3rd party charger issue

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I have always been a loyal customer. Long ago I bought a ZF3, which unfortunately broke when falling off my balcony, and you know what? I bought the same exact model again since it was working so nicely. Later I gave that one to my GF and got a ZF3max. Then I got a ZF6 and gave the ZF3max to my nephew. My reason for being loyal is that you have the least buggy phones in the market (I had so many bad experiences with other OEMs before!). You can check from my post history that I've actually had all those models, as I have posted questions for all of them.

Now I have just got a ZF10 from amazon and wanted to give my nephew my old ZF6. To our surprise, we were unable to unlock the bootloader (he uses some apps that require root) and he was unable to charge it using his powerbank (important for him as he often goes camping). We have googled and searched your forums, other users are reporting as a "bug" that it only works with the original Asus charger after a software update (putting "bug" in double quotes because it actually isn't, i.e. bugs are non-intentional by definition, this is actually planned obsolescence). It's a ZF6 ZS630KL with SW version WW_ZS630KL_18.0610.2106.156_M3.23.44.20.

The unlock tool was promised for Q3 but we're still waiting, with some people in this forum saying they got support messages saying the unlock tool will never be back, but moderators saying "please be patient" or "it will be back soon" - but no actual date, no explanation of why it is delayed, and no explanation of why support says otherwise. The same problem is also being discussed on reddit and on several android websites, with lots of users noting the same contradiction between moderators and support.

I have 30 days to return my ZF10 to amazon and I definitely will if I don't get a satisfying answer to *both* problems (I'm only keeping this ZF10 if I know I can give it to my GF or nephew in the future when I get a... idk it'll be ZF13 by then?).  Note that "please be patient" or "it will be back soon" are not satisfying answers, the company has to provide an actual solution and managers have to make a strong, credible plea that it won't engage in anti-consumer behavior again - ever ever ever. Or, if they don't care about losing a loyal customer or two because you still have a lot of them, then I won't hesitate to say goodbye.


A very upset customer who used to be very loyal


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I don't trust a word Asus says anymore. The unprofessionalism on Asus' part is completely unacceptable. The service was down for months before they even acknowledged it. Then they promised Q3 and failed to deliver. Now they are promising early Q4 and I doubt they are going to follow through. They shouldn't be giving time frames if they aren't going to deliver. I know these moderators are only relaying what they've been told and it's not their fault, but nonetheless this is ridiculous. I've been following all this for almost 6 months now and I am just baffled by how this was all handled. I've already returned the Asus phone I bought and I urge anyone else who's contemplating waiting this through to do the same. It's sad, they make great phones and I really wanted to use one as my daily driver, but the way they are treating this situation is unacceptable and we the consumers demand transparency. 

@Jbrooo I understand moderators just relay what they've been told, but I can't address the company's senior management directly, I can only rely on moderators forwarding messages to them. Like "look, we have 1000 users complaining about X". But it's also likely that managers have just given orders to moderators to shield them from the community, in that case it's really a pity but I just do what I can do: post here.

Also, while moderators relay what they've been told for the bootloader unlock tool, they haven't said a word about the 3rd party charger issue which is much worse.

Anyway, when you say "the service was down for months before they even acknowledged it", do you know when it started? Were people complaining? I only came to know about this when I tried to unlock this ZF6.

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exhausted searching ways of getting my bootloader unlocked, so i can load latest Android on my ZF6, waiting for the same. and now am strongly considering switching manufacturers after being a long time loyal of ASUS regardless of how much i still love the hardware. strongly considering google pixel for extended OS updates . only have one month to take a decision because of outdated A11, i wont be able to use it as my daily driver for security reasons at work. 

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I am just waiting for the release of the S24 Ultra phone. I have lost hope in Asus