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Fake asus fake phones .... Worse touch quality ... Even worse network reception...

Yes same here .... My touchscreen has stopped doin multi touch and the network drops are hilarious every half hour my network goes blank... While playing pubg .. sorry i i cant even play pubg with this idiotic china phone whose touch is worse than micromax first gen touchscreens... And the service from flipkart and asus regarding my issues is nill ... I am going to lodge a consumer complaint if the issue is not solved or i get a replacement cux i cant wait for weeks to get my phone repaired unacceptable service and quality at the price point... ASUS DO SOMETHING OR ITS GOING ON YOUTUBE LIVE ON MY PAGE ...

Rising Star II
Dude calm down. I know faults in brand new phones are off putting and outright embarrassing but understand that the moderators here can only advise you to take your phone to the service center or take your highlighted issues to the relevant team. They can't solve your issues right away. ?

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I understand that you are frustrated. It's no fun when this happens. I can't say that I have heard about your issue before so my best guess is that you have a bad device. My recommendation is to contact ASUS Service Center and ask them have a look at it.