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Double tap to turn off display

Zen Master I
Ok, I will admit this is picky and maybe it is just me. I often have to try 2-4 times double tapping on the status bar to get the screen to turn off. It often will activate the notification shade to drop down on the first tap and then the second tap is ineffective. I've tried using the top right corner vs center etc but all the same. The last device I had offered the same function but I only rarely had that issue. Maybe it is just me? Not the biggest issue in the world, obviously but just wanted to throw it out there in case there is some way to adjust the sensitivity of this in the firmware in the future to make it more reliable.

Rising Star II

I think I've found that if I tap the status bar veeeery gently, it more reliably works as intended. As if I tap harder the larger surface area that my finger makes instead activates the notification shade. Maybe that sensitivity can be adjusted. But I have started to adjust to it a bit.

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Current mechanism for detecting touch in the status bar: center of the area pressed.
new proposed mechanism: if the pressed area collide with status bar, treat as clicked status bar despite the center of area pressed may not lie in status bar.

Rising Star II
I don't have problem to Double tap to sleep, but sometimes double tap to wake does not work well(30% chance if I tap gently)

Community Legend II
Double Tap to Wake wont listen to trigger toward the top and side edges of the phone.
Bottom/Center works.
This is intentional to prevent "ghost taps" when just grabbing the device in the hand.

With this knowledge, could you see if tap-tap-to-wake works more "consistently"?