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Doesnt respond and hangs(Serious issue)

Rising Star II
Suddenly asus 6z stopped responding,it has happened before it took 10minutes for it to restart and function again...its not the first time,i pointed this out earlier but no body seem to liaten...look at those videos i can do nothing except going to settings or access google apps no home screen nothing..please look into it as soon as possible its really EMBARRASSING...and this took place in front of my friends @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS

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Please respond to issue

Hall of Fame III
It could be that you have the restart issue.
First, factory reset your device, then run benchmarks on it. If it start behaving weirdly, then please contact our support
Or an ASUS Service Center if you have one close to you

Rising Star II
I don't think it's a restart issue, it's just that I can't see home screen or navigate to anyother app nor fingerprint responds.
Coming to factory reset I did it and now I am not able to receive or send any SMS...can u clarify the issue?

Community Legend I
Does your phone detect your SIM card/cards? Are you able to make a phone call?