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Default file manager cannot connect to Synology SMB share (with authentication)

Star III
Hi all!
I have a Synology NAS in my LAN, and a number of shared folders (via SMB protocol) on it. Authentication of course is enabled, but I use the local NAS authentication mechanism (no domain controllers, RADIUS servers, etc are involved).
The default ASUS file manager shows my NAS, but cannot connect to it: when I enter login/password and press OK button the browser shows message that it couldn't connect and suggests to check the server. I am 100% sure that the NAS is OK: I can connect to it using my notebook, PC, TV...
I have also checked the NAS audit log: I couldn't find any attempts to access the shared folders.
Any suggestions?

Rising Star I
I had a similar issue where I couldn't access a shared folder on my desktop PC. I had it setup with anonymous access and the default file explorer doesn't support that.
I ended up using "Cx File Explorer" and it works perfectly.

Zen Master III
You have to use a full file manager like MiXplorer or X-plorer.

Star III
OK. Thank you for the answers!
I think I will go with a third-party file manager, because I don't wan't to have any unprotected shares even in the LAN.