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Hi, I have android 11. I use slow charging. it's been some time since after 80% it takes a lot of time ... I'm talking about over 3 hours. it's normal? to reach 80% it takes about 1 hour and a half.
is this normal or is there some problem?


Community Legend III
Seems normal to me. or at least nothing to worry about. 😊
Are you using the stock 18W charger that came with the phone?

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I don't think it's normal ... even with normal charge it hangs for several hours at 80%. I use the original charger.

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Same problems for me, maybe it's the charger (original received with my zenfone6) because when I use a Xiaomi 36w charger there is no problem....
Edit it's not the charger, suddenly with Xiaomi charger when at 70% it says 2 hours to complete charge, It was charging since 30% at a good speed and stayed at 70 for long minutes so I took a look at charging time remaining.. if I power off the phone then charging goes fast again!

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If it stays at a fixed % for a long time, then it's probably the "battery care" option, which improves the battery life by avoiding staying at 100% for long periods.
Go to Settings » Battery » Battery Care and disable "Schedule charging".
This screen explains how the feature works: