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Call clarity is hardware issue or software issue?

Rising Star I
Asus 6z call clarity problem is hardware issue or software issue?

Star III
I am from Mumbai (India) when I am noisy area to be honest I am not able to hear the voice of the person from other side or traveling into local trains please moderator help us with the resolution and updates.

Rising Star II
if you hold it at 45° instead of holding it how u hold usually you will hear it better that's work around for me... earpiece is at the top and keep  volume down from max about 80 to 90 %.. Hope to get updates for the same.

Hall of Fame III
We will have an update for India that will adress this issue in the next update. I will check if there's any reason why we get these reports from Hong Kong too. 

Star I
In Qatar we have the same problem

Star II
I am a user from Hong Kong. I have been using the phone for about a week now. And I actually feel the same, the call quality is not good at all

I really hope it is a software issue.... If it is hardware ... Then that would be terrible