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Asus 6z android 11 improvements

Rising Star II
Android 11 is working fine, smoothly without any issue in my device.
Here I want to give few points on which I was annoyed after upgrading,
Accent color -
Although we asked you to gave us more options but, we never wanted you to remove the default dark blue, it suits best on dark more please add that colour again

Font selection option
In android 10 we had vertical scrolling in this
But in android 11 we have horizontal scrolling-_- why?
It took me 20+min to find my fav font through horizontal scrolling (font set to default after upgrade)
I use font pack from XDA it got tons of fonts so selection from horizontal scrolling is not easy task

Rest everything seems fine till now, BTW You guys did great work in android 11
Thanks alot for bug free rollout