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Android 10, android media scanner bugs, playlists not syncing or empty

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Prior to android 10, I could sync music playlists with MusicBee on windows to my zenphone 6 in m3u format.
However, the phone would randomly dismount during the sync and it would fail. So to work around this I would sync my music one playlist at a time.
Now under android 10, everything syncs, however my m3u playlists appear in the music player, but are all empty in the music player. If i open the m3u files in a text editor all the files are there listed.
Now interestingly enough, if i sync them as m3u and sync them a second time as pla, then the playlists show up in the music player with all their songs. But the physical files in the playlists folder are still m3u files ?
After a day or so, some of the playlists return to being empty.
At this point i can rerun the sync as pla and the playlists will be populated with songs again, but this is really annoying.

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I have no idea. Maybe you can ask the developer if they have heard about this issue before?