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zenfone 5 ze620kl unlock bootloader failed

Star II
I used asus unlock bootloader apk with version
firmware version ww_15_0616_1803_8
it showed error message " error occured... maybe network problem..."
I have been tried so many times with very fast wifi and lte network.
Is there any last apk for unlocking bootloader or other method ?
Thank you

I tried flashing Step 1. 

  1. Update to the newest official Asus Android 9 ROM (V16...) with Asus Updater - needed next step

was unable to .... adb sideload under recovery gives error "Installation aborted", tried zen flash tool ... no luck either, how to force upload thru asus updater, can you guide pls

I also tried saving the file to the root folder in internal storage and restart phone, the file is not picked up for installation

Hi Erwin thanks for your reply. 

My Zenfone 5z is right now downgraded to build WW_user_90.10.138.181. should i downgrade further to an android 8 version for the upgrade (step 1 in given in your solution) 

Q2. Do i give any specific filename to the zip for the updater to pick it e.g. bcos i just saved the zip file as

Q3. Is there a personal email id I could use to communicate with you.

Thanks for your help 

My guide was for the Zenfone5 (without z). The latest official ROM for your device can be found here (on this Support Page ). If Asus follows the same policy like with the Zenfone5 it could be possible that with the latest ROM-Version the manual unlocking according to my guide is allowed, too.

If you have the right ROM, copying to internal storage will hopefully trigger the updater. Otherwise please read the mentioned Support Page for  recommended "Update Steps".

Please keep us updated if this works for you!


Thanks for the update file link you sent I have been able to install android 10 beta ( Q-Beta) on my zenfone 5z.

This gave me the oem unlock option in dev tools and i turned it on,

and reboot into bootloader, I checked fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability and the variable promptly returns value of 1.

 However fastboot oem get_random_partition returns "unknown command".

fastboot flash unlock says "permission denied" and fastboot flash unlock_critical returns "permission_denied"

Screen lock is set to None .

What am I missing here?

Please help

Hi I was trying to do this method, however when I got to the step 

fastboot flash nameOfpartition secret.txt​

this message always comes up