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The .92 version seems to have been made over the .70, not the .87.

Zen Master I
Model: ZS620KL (ASUS ZenFone 5Z 4GB / 64GB)
Firmware: (WW)
Status: Non-rooted
Issue: I would like to know why the .92 version brought back bugs from the .70 version.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-TOUCHSCREEN ISSUE-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
In recent months, not only me, but other ZenTalk users have been debating with moderators about a problem presented by the touchscreen response.
(@amitgarde3 @JonathanSR @555yash555 @kunal1217 @Abhinav @henrique.pereira.017 @jochman84 @Redlith @lmvqymwicuqwioetfb @bharanivijay69 @Chintan Devganiya @christianrodrigues1981 @burakterzi91 @subhojit.dey @archilsoni412)
This problem was characterized by the fact that the panel's response did not match the movement of sliding the finger slowly (necessary, as an example, for precision in shooting games).
Until the .70 version, we had been stuttering every time we tried to move the camera slowly.
In the .87 version, although not 100% solved, the problem had been significantly improved.
Now, in the .92 version, the problem is back, just as it was in the .70 version.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-MEDIA VOLUME SLIDER ISSUE-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Not only the panel problem, but also a minor issue of the .70 version is again presented in the .92, which is the inconsistent Media Volume slider.
When you open the audio settings screen and start sliding this option, you will soon see that something is wrong, you will only be able to slide from one end to the other at once if you do it slowly.
It had also been fixed in the .87 version, now it's back in .92.
This way it looks like the .92 version was made over the .70, not the .87.
Any chance of that happening? If not, I'd like you to check what was done to cause this backward step in the touch panel solution (which was well forwarded) at the same time as it brought back the volume option issue.
Please, bring back .87 fixes and improvements.
Again! Both bugs present in the .70, improved/resolved in the .87 and now back in the .92.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-TROUBLESHOOTING INFO-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
The problems are also present in "Safe Mode".
The following solutions have been tried:
Tweak in various standard and developer configurations.
Factory reset with or without backup recovering (via settings and Recovery Mode).
Downgraded to Pie version and upgraded to 10 again.

Star III
I'm currently on latest update .92. There is definitely stutters when use my touch input in PUBG mobile. I can prove it.
1. Check the smoothness without any touch input. 0 touch is done by using gyro in PUBG settings, so not finger touch input is required. I found when no touch input is involved, the camera movement is much smoother.
2. Here compare with 1 and 2 finger touch input.
(2 fingers input.(
(1 finger input)
Edit: Also there is an Auto rotation bug in 5z. The screen not rotating as intended. Thought I should add here.