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Something weird about surrounding sound (Noise cancellation not working prope...

Star I
Had anyone facing this problem also like me I don't know because of firmware upgrade or some of hardware had broke. Recently, some of my friends told me that why your surrounding sounding is so clear I heard everythings surrounding you. Did you turn off noise cancellating function or not because when I compare the sound got from my previous phone, Zenfone 3 laser and currently Zenfone 5 (2018), the sound that got from ZF 3 is much more quiet that got from ZF 5. Why? Thanks

Star I
Hi humphreyme, Good day. Is your firmware currently no the WW- v16.0615.1903.92? (settings> system > about phone> software information> build munber) If yes. Could you please kindly show me more details as below? (1.) Does it happen when using any specific app? (2.) Could you show me a comparative video for our reference? Please kindly upload the video to a cloud and paste your share link to me. (e.g. Google drive and Asus Webstorage) Thank you.