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Hear us help Asus :/

Rising Star II
Hello, as long as you can understand from my profile, I have been following you for 4 years. I have given you a bug report for the 2 years you have been supporting. I installed various programs for you to use my phone, you tested it. I can't buy new phones right now due to world economic problems, many people do. We asked you for 2 updates android 10, which is our right. You, on the other hand, published a bad update on the aosp base with the sound and camera and left it. My only and last request from you is that you do not forget us, know our value and increase the sound and camera quality with a new aosp update. We just want this so last time. This is our right, please. I don't want to stay on android 9 but on android 10 it restricts too much what my phone can do. It would be really useful if you fix the camera and sound and I'll follow up with you on my new phone. All we ask is that you hear us and help us. we love you asus

Rising Star II
Hi TheseMood,
We haven't received the update news about android 10 on Zenfone 5 series. If there are update news about android 10 on Zenfone 5 series, you will receive the notification in the update page of your phone. Thank you.