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Displaying background app as faded.

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In using asus zenfone 5z .This is not a everyday issue.but seen this is issue quite recently.. which is it shows some faded letters on screen like in the attached video.mostly the background app shows is this same in attachment(might be YouTube).it can only notice in dark background comes. But can't see this letters while taking screenshot.thats why i attached recorded video.pls somebody help.. if this issue already noticed.

Rising Star I
The problem you experienced is not showing in video. Try to shoot the video using second phone as it will not be visible on screen recording.
From your message, it looks like "display burn-in" it happens when you use any app for much longer period in full brightness. The still parts of the app (like headings, design of app logo) is displayed even after closing the app.
Don't worry. Try to cool down the phone, reduce the brightness or lock the phone for some time it will go away as it's LCD display. Display burn in in LCDs are not permanent

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Tq.for ur response, yeah,as u said gradually its came to i not using my phone for a while. Anyway i will post the video with another phone if the problem comes again.

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This is old issue, like i replied on whatsapp and used it for 8-10mins, and switch the app it shows the previous app faded, I'm facing it from long time

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That's display retention
Normal with ips panels
It goes away by itself in a while when phone's display is turned off
Anyways you can see it in some ui areas only like in dialer at max brightness so not that noticeable imo