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Zenphone 10 boot loop with AT&T Sim

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Swapping the sim over to slot two has stopped any boot looping for me.

No idea if it's relevant, but I do have 2 sim cards from, one att, another from a different provider.


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Just to confirm, are you on the latest update version 34.1004.0204.120 and swapping the AT&T SIM card to slot #2 instead of #1 fixed the bootloop issue for you?

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Swapping SIM cards between slots can resolve boot looping issues. Compatibility between SIM cards and slots might play a role, especially if from different providers.
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After a week of waiting we finally have a resolution to this issue courtesy of update version 34.1004.0204.128 released just now!


I just updated and rebooted my phone and inserted my SIM card and can confirm the bootloop is no longer occuring and all AT&T services are working as expected once again! 🙂


Thanks again everyone for collaborating together on notifying ASUS of this issue for our phones.

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The SIM card slot where the SIM was previously inserted may have some sort of hardware malfunction, such as poor contact or damage to the slot's pins. By moving the SIM card to slot two, you bypass the potential issue in the first slot.