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Should I wait before buying the zenfone 10 ?

Star I

I am considering to buy a new phone as my oneplus 6 is slowly dying.

I watched the reviews of the zenfone 10 from MKBHD, shortcircuit and Dave2D last month and was really hyped by this phone.

However, some say the cameras are a downgrade from last year. Apparently, there is no autofocus on the UW, there are also artifacts appearing sometimes on bright shots, and the colors seem overprocessed.

But these issues were noticed from reviews from last month. Since, was there any update to address those issues? Or will there be one in the near future?

Also, do any know if there will be some new reviews? Like "zenfone 10 : 1 month review?", because I can't seem to find any recent review (from reputable reviewers) addressing the camera issues.

Finally, did someone try to compare the shots from Gcam and the stock camera app?

I would really appreciate your insight on these matters, as the zenfone 10 seems to be a nearly perfect phone... if only the cameras were good.


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