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Gimbal uncalibrated and video issues (wrongly uploaded twice, sorry!)

Star II

I got two main problems with my Zenfone 10 camera.

First of all, gimbal calibration is unavailable and freezed in grey (see screen recording).

Secondly, in video mode, when the stabilizer is in adaptive mode, there's something not working properly. For example, if I start recording a video and the main subject is in the middle of the screen, when I stop recording and watch the video I've just filmed it suddenly seems that the subject is moved to one side and the video is generally not well aligned nor straight. I swear I'm sure the subject is perfectly centered, I've even used the grid to be completely sure about it. The gimbal seems to have a slow reaction time overall.

This doesn't seem to be happening so severely with no stabilization and in hypersteady mode.

How can this problem be solved?

#Zenfone10 #camera #gimbal #video