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defected phone

Star I
I would like to express my dissatisfaction with this company. I would like to advise ALL the BUYERS out there to beware of this COMPANY. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO RESPONSIBLE for ANY NEW damage PRODUCTS. Allow me to tell you all my SAD story. ON the 28 of April, I bought two RAG hAndphones with their dealer in SUNWAY PYRAMID. One of the phone defects after ONLY 2 WEEKS. NEWLY Bought PHONE is defected. I WENT BACK to the dealer and they just gave me QR CODE to deal with the issue MYSELF. I remind all of you. ONLY 2 WEEKS old phone. SO, I have to deal with all the UP AND DOWN with ASUS SERVICE CENTRE. Unfortunately, they gave me a very sad NEWS THAT I am NOT QUALIFY FOR NEW PHONE EVEN ONLY 2 WEEKS OLD. so, they said they will repair it for me. YET, until today 17th JUNE 2022. NONE OF THE ASUS personnel give me any feedback about my phone status. THEY TOLD ME TO WAIT. I BOUGHT A NEW PHONE FROM THEM AND I CANNOT USE IT FOR 2 MONTHS ALREADY. ******PLEASE SOME KIND PEOPLE OUT THERE, HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! SOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**


Hi Chor ,
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.
I have sent you a message for more detail information, please check.

Rising Star II
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