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What the hell is happening

Zen Master I
While I was on what's app video call , the phone gets shutdown automatically . Fine this happened before but after turning it on by pressing power button it could not just able to process from rog 2 logo loading which appears when phone restarts , several times I tried to press and hold power button but no improvements I left it turn itself then (plugged in charger) the phone went into safe mode I guess after sme mins . There was a message showing that your android system can not start either try again only 3 times , or factory reset . But hopefully it went well in a go , but my theme changed to basic which was dark earlier . Now just tell me that if by any chance system couldn't reboot again I have to let go all my data without backing it up , although I was not ready or aware that something this might happen . Im seriously done with Asus, what happened today might have cost me a huge loss of data , this is the kind of service asus provides to its customers , never experienced or heard it before from any other brand , mobile, etc etc . Please provide an update the phone might be dead soon pleaseeeee , we do not want to suffer more .


Community Legend II
Hi Shivam,
Please update the status here:
Shivam Dahiya

I'm done with this gps problem , be it anywhere maps doesn't work at all , facing this for a long time how can a phone which was promoted as a beast is not able to run Google maps ? I'm pretty sure this issue will be unheard like rest . Thankyou for fake promises Asus!

I'm seriously done with Asus
Do not create new thread for same issue.