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VoWiFi , Airtel India

Rising Star I
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name:Rog phone
Why don't we still have wifi calling on rog 2 ? Airtel is offering wifi calling but we don't have it's support. Other phones even from asus have it . Why are rog 2 users always left out. Please response to this thread and ask your dev team to resolve important stuff and add basic features instead of fixing useless stuff thag 0.01% of rog users care about .


Zen Master I

What is the benifit for Vowifi no benefit. For calling you need to have sim in your phone now in India all have unlimited calling plans so this Vowifi help nothing. Vowifi is just for showing .

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Exactly brother its for no use , it just sends and receives ur signals through wifi channel rather than directly from the tower . Then it passes the signals to the tower and they are hence received by the listener , just to improve ur call quality in case signals from the tower are weak or its located far away from ur location .