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Rog phone 2 elite edition WW-17.0240.2009.49

Rising Star I
"republic of gamers" 12/512GB elite edition rog phone 2. As the title supports I'm on the WW-17.0240.2009.49 update which is the latest. Browsing the forums I see lots of complaints about this and that. Personally I find this to be the most stable of Android 10 updates and have seen drastic improvements when it comes to battery life and the air triggers. No problems when it comes to my rog 2. I don't think the devs get enough credit. So I'm making this post to say THANK YOU. Thanks for fixing the battery drain system issue that plagued the .47 fota and overall thank you for giving us fairly regular updates. Whoever says otherwise, I suggest you see the competitions update history (red magic, blackshark). Sometimes I feel like the only person who is completely content with my rog 2 as well as the asus brand. Keep up the good work!